“I needed a lot of support.”

"I had been seeing my GP for three years and he put me on different antidepressants some of which seemed to do a bit but I never seemed to get the support I needed. Peter took a lot more time to to give me the right support and really understand what was going on for me."
"I could see there was some old stuff in my family I was still troubled by. But he got me on the right kinds of medication. It took six months to get there but I knew I always had his support. I got my confidence back and happy not to see him anymore." Irene 37yrs

“Before I got support did not realise how really lost I was.”

"The court had ordered me to have anger management. My marriage broke up anyway and she turned the kids against me. I thought I could handle it without support."
"I started drinking too much and getting into problems at work. My boss told me to go to EAP counselling but it was not the support I needed. I think he was going to fire me but I found bettermood on the Internet and eventually met Peter."
"I was sceptical at the beginning until I started to realise it was the support I needed." John 48yrs

"I am only in my early twenties. I had tried to kill myself four times. The CATT team got to know me real well and I saw various Psychiatrists. I guess they were good people but I could not really get the right support. One weekend I had kicked my boyfriend out and got real pissed. My mother came down and insisted I saw Peter. I didn’t want to and I think I was pretty to shitty to start with. He was prepared to listen and work out what support was right for me. It was weeks but eventually all this family shit came out; stuff I have never mentioned. And slowly we sorted it out. I am not 100% and still need support from time to time." Anna 22yrs