Prices, Fees, Terms of Service

Bettermood is changing its pricing and method of payment.

Pricing is based on $390 per hour.

The initial mental health assessment is a significant piece of work to cover all the appropriate bases to work out a treatment or therapy path. This takes 2 hours.  This involves at least a 90-minute face to face session, psychological testing (as needed), laboratory tests (as needed), a copy of the audio recording of the session (if required), a note to your doctor (if required),  prescriptions written as part of the initial assessment, and Dr Peter is  available via text or email for any issues following on from thew initial assessment.

A follow up session lasts up to an hour.

Most patients coming for the first time will need an initial assessment and 4-6 follow up sessions. But this will obviously depend on what your needs are.

You can choose to pay for each session one at a time:

Initial assessment $780.00

Follow up session $390.00

Or you can choose to pay for a package of sessions:

Initial assessment + 2 follow up sessions $1451 (saves $110)

Initial Assessment + 4 follow up sessions $2153 (saves $188)

Initial Assessment + 6 follow up sessions $2839 (saves $281)

If you have already received an initial assessment and want to purchase a package of 4 follow ups: 

A package of 4 follow up sessions $1435 (saves $125)

When you complete the self-referral form you will be asked to identify which payment option you want.

All payments will be made prior to your appointment.

You will be contacted prior to the appointment so you can make payment over the phone via a credit or debit card.

Charges for providing renewal prescriptions (outside of face-to-face sessions):

At least 3 days $30
1 day $45
Same day $65
Weekends $85


You will be texted when the prescription has been sent to your pharmacy. An invoice will be emailed to you. Payment is expected within 10 business days.

Charges for other reports, long emails, follow up with lab tests, phone consultations with your doctor or other professionals are based on $390 per hour, priced in 10 minute blocks, and an invoice emailed to you.

Dr Peter endeavours to be available as much as possible and can be accessed via text or email. Voice messages are discouraged as there is often a delay in clearing them. There is no cost.