Life Conversations

Over 10 years ago Dr Peter Cowley evolved way of work with people he called Life Conversations. Life Conversations moved away from being asked questions by a professional, into more of a free flowing conversation and through Dr Peter’s skill, you discover the important things for yourself. People came to Life Conversations often having been seen by a counselor, or their doctor or mental health specialist and looking for a different kind of support.

A lot of the focus of Life Conversations is about the meanings we attach to life, and the transitions that occur in life, as these colour our thoughts, feelings and reactions about what can happen. Life conversations looks at the assumptions we hold about our lives and compares these to our actually experience. Often when we have periods of struggle it is as if our experience of reality is pointing in a different direction from our assumptions and what we would like to believe.

Life Conversations helps people move through life's and the ups and downs that confront us.

It would be nice if we simply went on a straight line to where we want to get to. Life Conversations understands the twists and turns we go through. It is a roller coaster, at times, and despite our best effort sometimes it seems we are going backwards. Life Conversations takes a long term supportive perspective. It is more than just feeling better. Life Conversations recognises that each person's journey is unique. Once things are feeling better, people may only come to see Dr Peter Cowley once every few months. It is a like a check-in to see that things are still on track. Life Conversations provides this opportunity to keep integrating the experiences that life gives you.