Has someone got depression

Depression – More Common than the Common Cold

Depression is very common. Most adults, at some point in their lives, will experience some significant depression. It can make you feel a victim, it can make you live life the wrong way. The experience of having depression can vary enormously between people. When it is severe, it may result in someone going into hospital because they are unable to function. Fortunately this is relatively rare. But most people experience depression in its more moderate form.

Depression – an illness or reaction to life?

The experience of depression may arise from events that have happened in life. If you lose your job, or your relationship breaks up, or a member of your family dies period of being sad and lost is commonplace. But even so people can still struggle to find their way forward. It often works in the shadows. You may not be fully aware of what’s happening. And it is important to realise that it not only affects you but your partner, children, your workmates, and your friends.

Affects people in different ways

It can be complicated

Men get depressed as much as women but often do not like to talk about it. You can look normal on the outside but inside it feels like you are slowly dying. And sometimes you do not realise how much it has got you trapped. Anxiety is often associated with depression as well as past emotional, physical and sexual abuse commonly presents as depression. You may have tried to help yourself with positive thinking techniques but none of it seems to make a difference. And sometimes physical illnesses manifest as depression.

The opposite of depression is being more able to lead the life you want.