Eye Movement Desentisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR may seem a strange title for a treatment that is now internationally recognised as treatment of choice for post traumatic stress disorder.
EMDR is also used in a wide variety of other conditions, for example anxiety, phobic states, emotional trauma associated with common life events, for instance relationship break up, grief, career challenges, managing stress, physical illness and accidents.

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As part of Dr Peter's approach in working therapeutically with people, EMDR is a useful approach with someone who may not have experienced a major single trauma but rather have been subjected to repeated episodes that cumulatively have left them emotionally traumatised.
EMDR tends to be a quicker form of therapy compared to the usual 'talk therapies', and in addition to Dr Peter's capacity to assess and treat mental health issues with medicaiton and psychotherapy, EMDR offers a significant therapeutic advantage to people who consult with him..