Recovery from depression can take from a few weeks to many months

Many people find that seeing their GP and having an antidepressant or seeing a counsellor is sufficient for their recovery. But for many people they need something more and this is where Dr Peter Cowley can help in their recovery.
Depression can be complicated. Your depression may not have only affected you, but also the people closest to you. You may find you have had increasing difficulties at work or that you have been less able to socialise. You may be drinking more than normal. You may find you have lost meaning and purpose in your life and struggle with the question of what it is all about.
Recovery from moderately severe depression is more than just being on the right pills. Having the right medication will help on the journey of recovery. So it is important to work together to find a treatment that works for you. But recovery in depression is not just about medication. You can do a lot for your self around your physical well-being, your diet and exercise, your sleep pattern and there are a range of psychological and therapeutic strategies that can help. A long period of depression not only drags you down but also impacts the quality of relationship with people close to you. So in recovery issues of personal and family relationships are important to consider. Some times it is helpful to bring others into the therapeutic work in recovery from depression.
You may find in your history that you have had several bouts of depression. Recovery, therefore, needs to look at the longer term in understanding potential triggers for your depression and whether or not there is a role for long-term medication.